07-12-2016 PST
 New sampling of recent work up. Did new NOFX stuff, but can't put up until album is announced...
02-26-2014 PST
Does anyone ever read this?
 Considering I only write something once a year, I'm hoping not! Anyways, rather than list a dull stream of projects I've done...let me say, I'm happy that it's gonna rain a little in LA this week...been awhile...
03-05-2013 PST
Projects rolling along...
So what am I working on? For Fat Wreck there's alot: rereleases for Rise Against, Strung Out and Chixdiggit are fun. Recently I finished 7"s for NoFX, Morning Glory and Nightbirds as well as a new full-length from them old San Franciscan's, the Swingin' Utters.
At the LA Times, did several more issues of our Vegas magazine and Travel In Style quarterly. Then lots of other stuff.
Coming in april, in Europe at least, Etnies is releasing 6 shirts with my silly animal drawings...just in time for when I'm out there.
A big, 'FINALLY' on that one.

10-23-2012 PST
Scary Halloweens!
Lots o' projects to list, I really don't want to. Let's just say it's been a busy 6 months. One happy note: there is a new Snuff album coming out on Fat Wreck...I know because I designed the packages. Oh boy!

03-14-2012 PST
A couple of things...
Nicky at New Red Archives got the bright idea to rerelease the first three Samiam albums on vinyl, but this suckers are so old that I designed them without the aid of computers. Well, that isn't completely true...computers were used, but so were stat cameras, paste up boards and x-acto blades. So they had to be recreated from the printed pieces, which is a challenge. Since Lookout! Records is in the toilet, we decided to redo the bands original 7" too!.
For Fat Wreck, I created a package for Volume 2 of Joey Cape (Lagwagon) and Tony Sly (NUFAN) 's acoustic series. Went with a old-timey feel, think it was pretty successful.
Hello spring!
03-14-2012 PST
happy valentines day!
Hope you get some smooches.
Going on a small tour tomorrow, but before that I recently wrapped up a redesign of the Los Angeles Times Vegas magazine. The photoshoot was fun: under the faux Eiffel tower at Paris casino with the Jersey Boys. Although you shouldn't call 40 year olds 'boys', they were nice guys.
Also, just wrapped up album packages for australia's Poison City Records (A Blueline Medic tribute record) and Fat Mike's new bondage/art production company, "Snakeoil Media Productions". He had me do their logo and soundtrack LP/CD for their first release, 'Rubber Bordello'. Never worked on something like that before...interesting.
Wish me luck with the east coast cold, brrrr....
12-08-2011 PST
Back to work after long tour.
Samiam went on a 8 week tour in no. america and europe, but before that, I completed the Lagwagon boxset. It turned out to be a bear of a job, but turned out super well. 5 double gatefold lps with labels and lyric inserts, 5 double gatefold cds with labels and booklets, boxes for the sets, ad mattes, 18x24 poster, giant 24 by 36 collage poster with hundreds of photos, a picture disc, a 7" and dvd. It was sort of endless. You can see Joey from the band 'unbox' the product here.

06-10-2011 PST
Stuff, stuff, stuff.
Moving along with tons of projects. Samiam just finished a new record, so I've put together a package for that for Hopeless records. The band is re-releasing their 2 major label releases on No Idea records, so I am furiously working on those packages as well. For Fat Wreck, I'm still waiting on some text to complete the new Tony Sly (No Use) solo record and started with a 5 cd/gatefold lp boxset of re-issues of Lagwagon's entire recorded catalog.
  For the LA Times, I just finished the program for the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival (and I'm glad it's done), a bear of a job which I've done for each of the last 4 years.
  Summer is here!
04-21-2011 PST
 I recently realized that people might like different colors for my prints at etsy.com. A texas woman wanted the elephant drawing in orange . You can get any of these in any color you desire, just email me then order here. 
   In work news, I just finished the 56 page Los Angeles Times Festival of Books special section and am commensing with the June Las Vegas magazine (which I do 4 times a year) and the guide to the Los Angeles Film Festival (for the 4th year in a row). Speaking of the Vegas guide, on monday I flew out to the strip to shoot the Jabberwockez for the cover. These guys are awesome dancers and were super easy to shoot. Nice too:.
   For Fat Wreck, just finished a new package for Strung Out and will be starting a new one for Tony Sly with one of my illustrations.
04-13-2011 PST
Projects, projects...
Today I finished the packaging for Strung Out's newest, "Top Contenders: The Best of Strung Out" for Fat Wreck. It was a whale of a job not only because of the number of seperate pieces, but because it included a 455 foto collage of tattoos. Since the shots were by amateurs, the amount of color correction and airbrushing was heinous. Also, the inside contains an exhaustive timeline of 21 years of the bands exploints.
   Recently, I also completed a package for Elwood, who are a reggae band consisting of members of Mad Caddies. Next up for Fat Wreck is a solo record for Tony Sly of No Use for a Name (with one of my original drawings on the cover!)
   At the LA Times, after finishing a big 36 page special section for the L.A. Travel Show, I am currently swamped with a 57 page job for the 2011 Festival of Books. Urggg....
Samiam recording starts in a week in a half...so the only computer screen I'll see for a while will beam protools tracks.
03-16-2011 PST
Japan, especially Nao, Ryo and Mr. Chiba, I love you.
After so many great trips to japan with my pals, I can't stop thinking about everything. I hope those reactors cool and everything goes back to normal soon. Happy baby birthing Nao!
03-09-2011 PST
A new website! Oh boy...
I'm so happy....making a new website is a big task...but I did it. Well, I designed it and my main man Saby from India programmed it. Leave it to the interweb to link two guys from LA and Calcutta to do something creative together.
  My main goal was to set this up 100% flash free (unlike my old site) with a system where I can update really easily. Mission accomplished.
  On the work front, I just finished a monster job for the Times Travel Show at the convention center at Staples. Lots of pages of travel nonsense with maps, stories...and (urggg...) hundreds of booth listings. Also, I'm working on album packages for Tony Sly of No Use for a Name (with one of my drawings!), a best of for Strung Out and debut for Ellwood (featuring Chuck from the Mad Caddies). Busy, busy...
  I realize there is more to look at in this site than anyone would care to see...but hopefully someone somewhere will be impressed!
09-15-2010 PST
Stuff happens...
Fat Wreck used to put out these complilations almost annually, but not for 8 years...I just completed the newest one. Looks really, uh, punk. Screeching Weasel has a new record coming out, I know because I designed the album package for it...actually it's a rerelease of their old record called, Televisioncitydream. I guess the original looked like a techno record and no one bought it, new art looks, uh, very weaselish. Branded a MySpace party with 9 big banners. Created an album for end sound's Mag Seven. Now working on the rerelease of Samiam's 2 major label records for No Idea records. Fun.
    Look at some of this and other recent crap here.
    Buy my doodly prints with paypal here: store or be my drawings' friend  here.
06-30-2010 PST
Another Nofx record? Yup...
A new NOFX record package is out the door and in the hands of printers...as are 17 giant wall collages for MySpace corporate offices. You ever try to save a 13 gig photoshop file? It's a fucking pain in the ass.
   Look at some of this and other recent crap here.
   Again...I do drawings. Buy limited prints with paypal here: store or be my drawings' friend here.
05-14-2010 PST
90s rule!
Is it the 1990s again? Seems like it, because I've been super busy with album and DVD packages! Just finished a super complicated book and 6 panel wallet DVD job for platinum band, All Time Low. Full color stuff with extra metallic ink and varnishes...and 32 page booklet. Speaking of complex print set ups, I created a CD and double gatefold LP for Samiam. This bad boy uses CMYK but swaps the yellow plate for metallic gold and then includes a super matte and intricate gloss varnish. Fun to figure out setting up the files for that one. What else? Oh, for Fat Wreck, I put together Greatest Hits packages for Good Riddance and Mad Caddies. One is a double gatefold lp and with the other we just widened the spine of a normal jacket and stuffed 2 lps in there. This upcoming week, I will finish the 3rd and final digipak, CD and booklet for the Piebald retrospective set. When you unfold the 3 digipaks and place next to each other, you make a nifty complete drawing of 3 monkeys! At the LA Times, I just finished the June issue of Vegas Magazine and am starting the program for the LA Film Festival...which I did the last two years also.
   Look at some of this more recent crap here.
   I do drawings. Buy limited prints with paypal here: store or be my drawings' friend here.
03-12-2010 PST
I decided that I'd put up a smattering of pictures of junk I designed up on facebook because I can't be bothered with Flash (the program that created this site). If you go to the 'portfolio' section here at slappedtogether.com you'll notice it hasn't been updated in a number of years. So I invite you to look at some of my more recent work here. Unfortunately, you need to log on to your facebook so see any of it.
   I do drawings. Buy limited prints with paypal here: store or be my drawings' friend here.
02-18-2010 PST
Stranged out.
Did you see the last Strung Out album from fat wreck chords? Anyone wearing a Tony Sly shirt? I happened to illustrate that. Recently, I put together a dvd and cd with hardcover book to celebrate Hopeless records 15 anniversary. What else? Oh yeah, designed a 3rd series of 15 albums for MasterSource, a Universal music publishing company. Most recently, I have illustrated and designed a set of 3 retrospective cds for that Piebald band. Woot hoo!
    Over at the L.A. Times I designed a couple issues of the Las Vegas magazine, various events and other custom publications.
    I do drawings. Had an openings in Highland Park at THIS gallery...about a million people came, but it was a group show, so, like, not for me or anything. Buy limited prints with paypal here: store or be my drawings' friend here: friend.
03-24-2009 PST
2009, what a classy year.
If you were inclined to scroll down and read previous posts, you would see that I have only written three times since I was preparing my 2006 taxes. Right now I'm grumbling internally about my 2009 return. Let's just say, I'm so in demand that I don't have time to self promote. Which is kinda true, but that's no excuse for having old Ataris records in my portfolio section now is it?
   What have I been up to? Just completed a hairy job for the MySpace offices...creating giant collages measuring up to 48 feet wide and floor to ceiling. have you ever worked on a 10 gig photoshop file? They look sort of like the Beatles Anthology album with torn wheat-pasted posters of different MySpace Music fancy-pants. I also did two 14 disc boxsets for MasterSource, a Universal Records licensing company. That was fun. For newish label, End Sounds, I designed packages for Mike Herrera from MxPx's new band as well as an awesome instrumental band called Mag Seven. Another new label, Slow Death, conned me to take care of records by Luke Top and Foriegn Born for spare drug money.
    Over at the L.A. Times I rocked a couple issues of Metromix, which is going under next month, and my standby, the Las Vegas magazine. Lots of other what have yous were in order for the Times.
    I do drawings. Had openings in Philadelphia and Portland recently, big whoop!You can buy cheap limited prints with paypal here: store or be my drawings'  friend.
07-02-2008 PST
Riding on the Metro.
Howdy! I spent the last few months art directing a 50 page weekly in Los Angeles called Metromix. On top of that the folks at Fat Wreck had me do a 50-something page book to be packaged with the final Good Riddance double gatefold album. Also, I'm working on a 13 cd boxset for music licensers MasterSource. On the horizon there is a 25 disc set for the 15th anniversary of Hopeless Records. What else? Oh yeah, just finished silkscreen posters for MySpace secret shows of DragonForce and Jason Mraz.
    Speaking of those MySpace posters, I drew pen and ink drawings for those...you can buy cheap limited prints or ridiculously expensive originals with paypal or credit card here: store or be my drawings' friend.
01-02-2008 PST
New Year!
Happy New Year! just finishing up new packages for both good riddance and no use for a name. my back hurts...walking around like an old man...well, if the back fits...
04-09-2007 PST
Taxes, smackses.
er...it's really been a year? fooking taxes...yuck!
   Anyways, in the last while did albums and marketing materials for Take Action tour 2007, only crime and most recently the new tiger army...who are doing really well. the record comes out june 5, but you can't hide from it on kroq. totally happy for nik and the boys. check out this flash promo I did for them here.
   Oh yeah, samiam toured europe twice and solea went to japan and china. both bands have new records too....they are both on itunes or at momibello.com
04-05-2006 PST
Sony is kaput.
Hi, how are you? I'm fine. anyway, i stopped working at sony around halloween...the entire west coast creative services department got axed...25 people! two days later I went back to variety anyway...and have been there ever since. getting lots of outside variety jobs and an ex-employee moved on to the la times and has thrown me some jobs for their custom publication department. the first gig was redesigning their video games special advertorial supplement.
    So what else have I worked on recently? hmmm...oh yeah, I designed the logo and entire packaging for the 2006 take action tour for hopeless records/hot topic. then I made a package for fat wreck's good riddance...it's kind of an american revolution piece as the record is called, "my republic": definately a different subject matter than I've ever tackled. For audiophile clothing, I recently rocked some t-shirt designs for their new line. local los angeles band, foreign born, has a new logo thanks to me...ariel still hasn't paid me and they're are on tour in the uk with we are scientists!
    Coming up, I will be doing a sampler for hopeless.
    Next month I will be recording a new samiam album and hopefully finishing the long-delayed album so I'll be busy with that too.
10-19-2005 PST
Uh, I've been freelancing at SonyBMG...working on marketing and packaging for the likes of Barbara Streisand, Neil Diamond, System Of A Down, INXS, etc...pretty nice stuff but a bitch to get from downtown to Santa Monica. as usual, doing a few Variety magazine jobs...the current one is a 12 page ad supplement for some motion picture funding/production company called Nu Image. did you know that they are making a Rambo IV? ha!!!
    As far as other stuff, I wrapped up this big job for a band on Virgin Records called We Are Scientists. it was a whale of a job as it was over 40 pieces of marketing and singles. didn't do the actual cd cover because the drummer's girls brother did that. ha, again!
    What else, oh yeah, for Fat Wreck I did the new Lagwagon record and for Hopeless and Hot Topic a big heavy metal dvd (skulls and everything). speaking of Hopeless, upcoming I will be designing a new band of their's (Ever We Fall) package and the new Take Action tour logo, cd and dvd.
    Can always use more work so email me if you need anything...
07-14-2005 PST
Holga light leaks!
Why am I writing this...it is certainly not to convince anyone how great I am...but I suppose no one really will know I do much of anything unless I write it here.
    OK, so I did a record for fat wreck recently by a band called the real mckenzies, come to think of it, I did their last one too. What else? Oh yeah, for fat I did a screeching weasel greatest hits album package. bet you didn't know they were still around. now the good boys at fat are keeping me busy with the new lagwagon album, which I've very happy to say contains awesome fotos by winnie wintermeyer. that guy is amazing, check out his stuff at http://www.3am.net.
    Speaking of fotos, I did a bunch for the upcoming solea record. It was my first real picture taking experience and I'm happy to say at least I like them. I used a great old shit camera called a holga that makes all sorts of out of focus bits and light leaks.
    Oh yeah I got a big job for this band we are scientists through Virgin records. So far 5 singles and their new logo...but soon I will be working on their record and a bunch of marketing materials. They fired two designers before me...so it's good news that they like what I've done so far.
    What else? Oh, for Variety I have done a ton of stuff...and they got me some custom publishing jobs with IDT/Showtime and IFC. I know, so what...
02-17-2005 PST
Junk to blab about.
Just an update on some of the projects I've completed: for fat wreck chords a new cd package for the canadian band, chixdiggit!, for fiddler a band called the higher's debut, a line of shirt designs for jimmy eat world, cover comps for the foo fighters (but their guy at BMG is eventually going to design the package), lots of stuff for variety as usual and the cover of jeff ott's new book, weapons of mass destruction.
    I also designed the new logo for a magazine called law of interia, which recently changed ownership and moved from the east coast to la. the magazine looks really good and has more to offer than crappy screamo and metal boy bands...although it does have a fair share of that too.
    I'm off to europe next month to I'll happily use the computer for only occasional emails. I'm happy about that...
08-14-2004 PST
tah, dah...
I don't know why but I have added a bunch of new projects onto the portfolio section. Really, enough is enough...and there was already enough to bore the pants out of you...but now there is more. please look at them.
    Current projects include cd packages for sick of it all and rock against bush volume 2 for fat wreck, tiger army for epitaph, useless id for kung fu and a whole slew of stuff for variety magazine. I like you, you are nice.
05-06-2004 PST
Gold record!
Nice news: I finally received a gold record for designing and art directing the packaging of the ataris record on sony/columbia. it looks really official and cheesy in my office.
    So I've taken another 7 months to write anything. I need to update the portfolio as I have been working like a idiot (distrupted only briefly by another trip to japan). since september, I've doned a yuppie hat and worked in the marketing department of variety, inc...the company that produces 5 entertainment magazines, tons of entertainment industry events, special publications and various other ventures. there is a monster load of pieces that I am aiming to put on the portfolio section; they are impressive because there are pictures of movie stars and other variety-related nonsense.
    Also, I have completed packages for tiger army on epitaph, name taken for fiddler/geffen, amber pacific for hopeless and are currently working on jobs for those three labels. I'm also working on a package for ultimatum/fearless's plain white ts and stoked to be onboard for fat wreckchords newest volume of 'rock against bush'. when the work slows down, hopefully never, I will update the portfolio section...but for now I think it is a fine representation of work...just a bit old.
    Always, always looking for more work so please email me for any print or web design and for referals on artist and photographers.
10-10-2003 PST
   It's been 5 months since I put up this site and only now am I updating it. in the portfolio section, under 'recent', you will see a 'more' button. if you click on it, you will find 18 more images of some of the things I've done in these past months. a couple of projects for fiddler/geffen, hopeless, fakers, etc... not bad considering it that time I toured japan, europe and made a record. whatever. I'm hungry, give me more work!
   I like you.
10-05-2003 PST
My first news item!
After 5 or 6 years of working by referal and word of mouth, I finally decided to establish slapped together's presence on the web.
    In the portfolio section you will find just a tiny fraction of work but it should provide an overview of what I do (in both the music and corporate worlds). You will notice a portfolio section called, "recent". currently, this has nine pieces from the on-going ataris project but in the future will have everchanging images. Let's see how dilligent I'll be with updates.
    Thanks for coming and I hope that you will pass around this link to anyone that could use some art direction, design or production services.
    Currently I am working on the ataris dvd packaging, splash screen and menus for columbia/sony music and a package for the bled for fiddler/mca. soon I will begin the avenged sevenfold packaging for hopeless, squirtgun packaging for fat wreck, logos for dl management and various jobs for tower records, side one/dummy and the band, the Fire Theft....to name a few.
    Creating this site has proved to be a nice challenge, as I hate to self-promote... thanks for the html/flash help sasha. -sergie